Published Titles

Here are some details on the published titles I have worked on

Pétanque Master( Wii, Big Ben Interactive )

For Petanque Master I created the league and career systems, player character and team classes, item shops and character customisation, controller reading and interpretation code for Wii Remote, as well as creating all the states for the game flow (eg selecting player, walk in, aiming, perform throw, replay etc) and most of the menus. I was also responsible for Nintendo LOC check compliance (eg. Home Menu, Strap Screens, Motion Plus Instructional Video, Render Modes and Error Messages ). I was responsible for leading this project for the majority of its lifetime.

Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge ( Wii, Valcon Games )

For Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge I created the classes for the snowmobile and rider including states for animation and posing steering and suspension, the in-game HUD, systems for performing and scoring stunts and for adrenalin boost, boundary fence and line generation from splines, as well as working on fine tuning the sled performance and AI responses. I was responsible for leading the project during it's closing month while the lead programmer was on vacation. This involved producing builds, liasing with the publisher and reviewing bug lists on daily basis.

World Sports Party / Vacation Sports ( Wii, Ubisoft )

For World Sports Party I did all of the coding for the air hockey and tablefootball mini-games, the game character object class, competitions over multiple rounds of sports, and some of the family generation and saving code. I also helped design the world, game framework and user interface systems we created on this title.

PDC World Championship Darts ( X360 & PSP, Oxygen Interactive )

Ultimate Boardgames Collection ( PS2, Empire Interactive )

PDC World Championship Darts 2008 ( PS2 & Wii, Oxygen Interactive )

Ultimate Boardgames Collection ( Wii, Valcon Games )

Ultimate Boardgames Collection ( PSP, Valcon Games )

PDC World Championship Darts ( PS2, Oxygen Interactive )

Pétanque Pro ( PS2 )

The Great British Football Quiz ( PS2 )

Poker Masters ( PS2 )

21 Card Games ( PS2 )

This was my first title created from more or less from scratch, but there was a simple card game framework already in place when I came onto the project. I was the only coder on the project for most of the time, and the work involved researching and implementing games to include in the title, developing the User Interface for the game, and Sony TRC compliance.

Junior Board Games ( PS2 )

This was my first ever published title, which I completed during my first 3 months of placement. It was more or less a re-skin of board games previously published by Mere Mortals, but it gave mew the chance to learn Mere Mortals engine and the practices of working in a professional games team.