Realtime Space Mapping with Bubbles

If canvas does not appear here, try a better browser, like chrome.

This code generates circles and expands them until they touch an obstacle in the scene. The result is an approximation of the free space in the scene, which could be used to generate nodes for pathfinding. I do not know if this technique has a proper name, but it was first suggested to me by a lecturer ay university. It has the advantage that it tends to be efficent( in that it generates less nodes for areas with less complexity), and has the disadvantage that it seems to cope porrly with maps featuring narrow corridors.

Again it has been implemented in JavaScript and drawn with a canvas. You can click on the canvas to add line segments to the world. Each pair of clicks adds a new line between them. This causes any intersecting bubbles to be removed, and the space will be re-mapped with new bubbles over time