Andrew Blackwell


I am a Computer Games Programmer located in the North East of England. I'm currently looking for new opportunities in the games programming field. I have worked for Mere Mortals Ltd in Newcastle. for four years, doing a range of task across various projects on Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP. Before that I studied for my degree in Computer Games Programming at University of Teesside, where I achieved a 2:1 and a passion for games development. looking for a job whilst waiting for my results. I've been a keen computer gamer for over twelve years now, and decided I wanted to work in the industry around five years ago when I was at college.

I enjoy gaming on consoles and PC as well as role-playing, tabletop wargaming, collectable card games and boardgames. My other interests include listening to live music, particularly blues and blues-rock, and visiting the cinema with friends.

Curriculum Vitae

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Published Titles

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University Work

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I am cureently looking at canvas elements in HTML5. Updates will appear here:
Line Drawing
Boids Flocking
Bubble Space Mapping
From Bubbles to Routes
Real-Time A* Pathfinding